Beatrice Sports Club always believed that its biggest achievement is the proud members of the club. Without each and every members support, the club would not have survived three decades and achieved each and every feet it had ventured to. Being the peoples club all these years, we are very happy to list below the key players over the years as our major achievement and also some of milestones we had conquered during this long but extremely sporting journey.

Beatrice Sports Club was formally registered. Same year the club was affiliated with Kannur Hockey and Basket ball associations.

1977 – 1985

The club which was started by a bunch of St. Joseph’s Boys High School students had the below main stream of players during inception.

Usman P.V.

Sayeed O.

Mohammed Rafeeq O.V.

Nizar APM

Latheef C.K

After couple of years of sheer hard work and practice the club started to produce the greatest talents Thalassery ever had in

Nizamudheen M.P. (Hockey, Basket Ball & Cricket – State Player)

Azad Maliyekkal (Basket Ball – State Player)

Sunil A.P. (Hockey – State Player)

Shoukath O.V. (Hockey – State Player)

Ammar O. (Hockey – State Player)

C.K.P Rahim

Mohammed O.


During this flying phase, the club had won almost all League Championships in both Hockey & Basketball and was regarded by many as the undisputed king club from the town.

1986 – 1995


Kerala’s best hockey talents were born through Beatrice Sports Club during this period.  The major hockey players during this golden phase were:

Dhileesh (State Player)

Ranjith A.P. (State Player)

Siddique O. (State Player)

Jinos O.V. (State Player)

Subash V. (State Player)

Firoz O.V. (State Player)

Noor Mohammed T.M. (State Player)

Javis O.V. (State Player)

Zakariya M.P. (State Player)

Faizal K. (State Player)

Fazil Ahamed P.A. (State Player)

Asif M.P. (State Player)

Fahim O.V. (State Player)

Shyam Prasad V. (State Player)

Mustaque M. (State Player)

Shahul Hameed (State Player)

Suhail C.M. (State Player)

Nazeer A.P.M. (State Player)

Moosa A.P.M. (State Player)

Mujeeb A.P.M. (State Player)

Najeeb A.P.M. (State Player)

N.P. Shaji (State Player)

Haris N. (State Player)

Noufal (State Player)

Faizal Payambarath CP (State Player)

Jithesh (State Player)

Jeyesh (State Player)

Rajeneesh (State Player)

Mashood (State Player)

Ram Manohar – Goal Keeper (State Player)

Noushad T.M.

Suneer – Goal Keeper

The baton of glory was safe on their hands as they took the club to the next level. Especially during 1990-91 they won all the coveted cups (Champions Trophy, Ayippa Trophy) in Sub Junior, Junior and Senior State level Champions.


Beatrice Basketball team during this period was also among the best ever produced with various players representing at National, State and University levels. Below are the biggies during this period.

Siddique O. (Sr. National Player)

Zakariaya M.P (Sr. National Player)

Asif M.P.

Shabeer K. (University Player)

Faizal K. (University Player)

Shivan (University Player)

Naveen (University Player)

Saif Rahman O. (University Player)

Zaheer N.V. (University Player)

Rangen (University Player)

Shamjid N.V. (University Player)

Rayees (University Player)

Beatrice Sport Club under the captaincy of Firoz O.V. were the winners of the State Champions Cup Hockey Tournament held at Trivandrum during 1991, there by gaining the tag as ‘the champion club’ from the state. We are immensely proud of the fact that nine members from this dream team had represented that year’s Kerala State Team.

1996 – 2005

The main players continued to stretch their muscles and added more trophies to clubs kitty.

2006 – 2010

The club managed to do decent job in the Middle East especially in Basket ball during this period with the distinction of participating in all IBS (Indian Basketball Society) League Championship and finishing in the podium with Bronze medal during 2007. The core team comprises of:


Melvin Mathew

Asif M.P.

Siddique O.

Zaheer N.V.

Joseph Thomas

Jashir Mohammed

Bobby Thomas

Sinan Abdul Khalam

Mohammed Munir

Shyam Mohan



The last few years had been not that great to the standard the club had been over the years and it can be said that 2010 is the year where the redemption process finally kicked off. Some of the highlights from the year so far are:

Beatrice Sports Club took a major step in formally globalizing and launched Beatrice Global during June 2010 at Dubai.

Beatrice formulated  the Beatrice Global Hockey Team with the following members:

Jeffery Pinhero (Captain)

Musthak M (Goal Keeper)

Asif M.P.


Faisal C.P.

Shinoo P Varghese

Nithin Bose

Siddique O



Subhash V


Shafeeq (Tamil Nadu Player)


India Vision channel during June 2010 conducted Football Caravan program at Thalassery and invited Beatrice Sports Club. The program was a huge success and it was a honor for the club to be part of it. This event also helped the club to extend its wing in Football forming team from various age categories and also successfully conducting coaching camps.

Beatrice Sports Club Official Web Site launch.


Its been a Basket Ball season for Beatrice since the begining of 2011. The prestigeous Admiral J. 6th IBS League Basket Ball Tournament commenced on April 2011 at Dubai. Beatrice Senior Basketball Team and Beatrice Junior Team (Beatrice DPS) participated as always at the tournament.
It was an outstanding performance by both our teams and both the teams ended up as Runners Up at the Seniors and Juniors matches.

Following are the members of our strong Basket Ball team at Dubai:

Joseph Thomas – Captain (MG University BasketBall Player & Senior National Handball Player)

Shyam Mohan – Vice Captain (MG University BasketBall Player)

Siddique Oliyath (Former Sr. National BasketBall Player)

Vipin Kannan (Indian Services BasketBall Player)

Smithin Settu (Indian Services BasketBall Player)

Sabu Sebastian (Junior National BasketBall Player)

Sinan Abdul Khalam

Mohammed Hisham

Arun Kallam (MG University BasketBall Player)

Mohammed Aftab (MG University BasketBall Player)

Siju Zacharias (MG University BasketBall Player)


Rakesh Babu Laxman

!!! Congratulations to Beatrice Basket Ball Team, Dubai for the wonderful achievement !!!


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