BSC Global

With the objective of promoting sports beyond Thalassery and taking Beatrice SC, Thalassery to different regions and overseas, an Advisory Panel and Executive Members were formulated at Dubai on June 4th 2010 to establish an extended Wing of Beatrice SC named as Beatrice Global(BG).

Beatrice Global will be responsible for all activities of Beatrice SC outside India and establishing international connection for fostering sports and to market “Beatrice SC” brand name.

The Primary Functions of Beatrice Global will be:

  1. Marketing Beatrice SC beyond India
  2. Support to overseas units
  3. Support to Domestic units
  4. Strategy Development
  5. Coordination between units
  6. Event management for fund raising
  7. Coaching camp for schools and colleges

We are extremely enthusiastic and focused about achieving the objectives of Beatrice Global and in-turn taking Beatrice Sports Club to better heights.Introducing to you the Executive Management, Patrons and Executive Members of Beatrice Global based in UAE and overseas including India.

Executive Management Patrons Executive  Members
UAE Overseas
Mr. Nazeer A.P.M
Director, Administration & IT
Mr. Jaleel M.C.
(Gargash Enterprises)
Mr. Faizal P Mr. Najeeb
(Saudi Arabia)
Mr. Azad Maliyakkal
Director, Relationship & Marketing
Mr. Nasir C.T.K.
(Nucaf, Dubai)
Mr. Shinu Mr. Fazil
Mr. Rafeeck Oliyath
Director, Finance & Stratergy
Mr. Nizar A.P.M.
(Dubai Customs)
Mr. Randeep Mr. Shivan
Mr. Manoj M.
Director, Events
Mr. Zahir Hassan T.
(Advertising Firm) 
Mr. Nithin Bose Mr. Naveen
Mr. Asif M.P.
Mr. Fakih
(Fakhi Group of Companies)
Mr. Noushar Mr. Shamjee
Mr. Rafeeque O.V. (Appi)
Internal Affairs/Corporate Relationship
Mr. A.S. Pillai
(CFO, Al Masraf)
Mr. Zaheer Abbas Mr. Firoz
Mr. Najeeb A.P.M.
Internal Affairs/Corporate Relationship
Mr. A.D.Abootty
Mr. Ammar Oliyath Mr. Roobas Oliyath
Mr. Siddique Oliyath
Marketing & Media
Mr. C.P. Aboobacker
(Dubai Islamic Bank)
Mr. Usman Kutty Mr. Zakiriya M.P.
Mr. Musthaque M.
Asst. Marketing & Media
Mr. Mustaffa Tamattan
(Abu Dhabi)
Mr. Afzal C.T.K. Mr. Saif Rahman
Mr. Thanzeem B.
Admin & Quality
Mr. Thilakan
Mr. Shyam Mr. Jinoz
Mr. Anil Kumar V.P.
Event Planning
Mr. Cliford Mendonza
Mr. Saboo Mr. Faris
Mr. Subash V.
Event Planning
Mr. Hameed B.
Mr. Joseph Mr. Sayeed
Mr. Jeffrey Pinhero
Event Planning
Mr. Jashir Mohammed
Mr. Nadeem CP Mr. T.M. Noor Mohammed
(Secretary BSC Tly)
Mr. Melvin Chandy
Event Planning
Dr. Siraj Mr. Shahalabath Mr. K.V. Gokul Das
(President BSC Tly)
Mr. Shahul Hameed P.K.
Event Operations
Mr. Khathim
Mr. Noufal
Event Operations
Mr. Mohammed Shammas
IT Manager
Mr. Roobas Oliyath
IT Manager
Mr. Fahad Oliyath
IT Manager

Membership details

Membership charges
INR 1,000/- Only
Contact Person
Mr. Asif M.P.
Email ID

Contact us for membership:


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