Beatrice Cares

Beatrice SC is a club for the people and by the people. The Club’s mission statement and motto is the driving power behind all achievements of the club in the past and will be for the future.

Beatrice SC’s primary goal is the care for the Sports of people from Thalassery and outside Thalassery and the people themselves. The Club shows extreme importance and generosity for the well-being and growth of its members and has shown exemplary passion in accomplishing the same.

Following are a few of the activities of the Club in the direction of its care towards the well-being of the town of Thalassery and the Club members and their growth.

Free Football Coaching Camp:

Free Football Camp

A Foot Ball coaching camp under the aegis of Beatrice Sports Club, Thalaserry was inaugurated on 17-8-2010 by Sri. S.M. Manoj, the present Pondicherry State Santhosh Trophy Player, who is also Sub Inspector of Mahe. Around 84 boys between the age group of 13 to 20 have been inducted in the coaching camp. Beatrice Sports Club is very much indebted to Sri. Manoj for his instant acceptance for participation.
Beatrice legends Sri. Govardan and Sri. V.B. Ishaque are heading the coaching of the budding players. Both these legends are former Kerala State Santhosh Trophy foot ball players. Also three other coaches are assisting the camp. The camp will be held till Onam Holidays.

At this juncture it is pertinent to mention that in the 33 years of History of Beatrice, a coaching camp of this size for foot ball is being organized for the first time. This may be maiden attempt but this will follow in the ensuing years also. A history has been created in the BOOKS of Beatrice Thalaserry.

Clean & Green:

Clean and GreenRecently on 03/8/2010 a campaign on Clean and Green Thalaserry was organized by JANA MAITHRI POLICE. The campaign was flagged of by Honorable Sri. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, Home Minister of Kerala. The campaign was held at various public places like Govt. Hospital , Thalaserry Municipal Stadium, Railway Station etc. Beatrice Club was entrusted with the responsibility of conducting the event at Municipal stadium. All our club members including BEATRICE GLOBAL MEMBERS have shown great enthusiasm. The response from the Public was over whelming. 

Beatrice members showed great spirit in conducting the event. Beatrice Club and its local and global members are extremely happy to follow the practice of being Clean & Green and have extended complete support for the noble cause.

Care for Members & Family:

Beatrice SC offers a helping hand, in terms of financial contributions, for the well-being of its members and family on a need basis. Beatrice SC cares for its members and their family and has always shown extreme generosity to uplift the livelihood of its members and their family. The Club is extremely proud of such activities and the contributions provided by its members for such causes. The Club does not intend to mention the names and information of such an activity and would like not to publish details and names of the contributors and the beneficiaries involved in such activities.

We are extremely proud of our members.

Free Hockey & Basketball Kits:

Free Hockey and BB KitsBeatrice SC thanks wholeheartedly for the generous mite of the donors, particularly Mr.C.O.T.Usman, O.Siddique, P.A.Fazil, M.P.Asif, V.Subhash and Abdul Faheem who have helped the club’s coffers. Photographs of the Hockey Kit and Basket Ball jerseys and ball purchased for the year 2009-2010.





Mysore Hockey Coaching Camp:

Mysore Hockey CampAs you are all aware, the Christmas hockey camp was successfully completed at Mysore. We would like to state that this is the first occasion a camp was conducted at Mysore in the 32 years of history of our club. At Mysore, the university authorities had made excellent arrangements towards the stay and play ground facilities for our budding players. We must whole heartedly thank them for the help they extended especially to Shri Arun Patel, Director, Sports Authority of India and Shri Ramesh, Coach. Also we must thank our Shri. K.J. Johnson Master and Mustafa, Treasurer of our club for his tremendous devotion during the period of the camp. The photographs shot during the camp is also enclosed herewith. You can all see ours boys who participated in the camp and their visits to various places of historical importance.

Free Hockey Coaching Camp, Thalassery:

Free Hockey Coaching CampFree Hockey Coaching Camp conducted by Beatrice SC during December 2007. A huge crowd of young hockey players attended the same to make full use of it.

The hockey coaching camps have always been a prestigious activity for Beatrice SC.

Online Career Advice
Online Career Advice‘ is an initiative from Beatrice Global to provide the best possible career advices for the players and members of the club. This initiative is as part of the Cares mission of the Club. The club encourages all its members and players to make good use of the opportunity. Members/Players will have to identify one of the mentors mentioned below as per their choice. After selecting a suitable mentor you just have to mail your details and your choice of a mentor using the contact form shown below. After processing on available slot with the mentor a reply will be sent to the candidate with further details. If successfully enrolled then its left to the candidate and the mentor to identify and plan time slots and suitable means of communication for building the advise sessions.  The outlook and plan for such mentoring sessions might be different for different mentors/mentee. So the planning of the career advice sessions are left totally to the mentor and the mentee. Following are the currently available executive members of our Club with available time slots.
Mr. Rafeeck Oliyath Dubai
Mr. Fazil Mohammed P.A. Canada
Please use the contact form shown below mentioning your interest. We wish you all a very good experience with our mentors.If you are interested but not yet a member or a player of the club, then please go to BSC India / BSC Global to find information about becoming a member.


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