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The primary focus of Beatrice SC has been on reviving and promoting sports at the home town of Thalassery, Kerala. With this goal Beatrice India has been one of the most active and prominent Sports Club in North Kerala. The continuing efforts of its advising panel, and executive members with the very active support of its patrons, Beatrice SC Thalassery has been playing a significant role in improving the sports culture and social culture of people of Thalassery.

Introducing to you here the Executive Management, Patrons and Executive Members of Beatrice India based at Thalassery.
Executive Management
Patrons / Advisors
Executive  Members
Mr. T.M. Noor Mohammed
Hon. Secretary
Mr. O.V. Rafeeque Advocate A.P. Ranjith
Mr. K.V. Gokul Das
Mr. M.P. Nizamudheen Advocate P. Dilesh Kumar
Mr. V.B. Ishaque
Sr. Vice President
Mr. Siddique Oliyath Mr. P.V. Usman
Mr. C. Shaji
Vice President
Mr. Rafeeck Oliyath Mr. P.P. Abdul Latheef
Mr. Suhail
Vice President
Mr.C.O.T. Usman Mr. K.K. Rafsid
Mr. C.M. Suhal
Joint Secretary
Mr. A.N. Shamsheer
Mr. K.P. Mustafa

Secretary’s Note
Noor Mohammed (Secretary)Dear Sports Lovers,
I am happy to introduce myself as an energetic Secretary of Beatrice Sports club even at the age of 40.  The enthusiasm that our club generated through 3 decades has kept me in great zeal to carry on the activities for the 5th consecutive year as an office bearer.I can vouch for the increasing base of patronage over the last 3 years from the sports lovers of Thalaserry who have been settled in different parts of the world. As the activities of our club have increased both in terms of quantity and quality I would invite more sons of our soil to participate in upholding the base for the sustenance of its spectacular growth. Though our starting point is Hockey and Basketball now we have embraced cricket and football into our fold. This can be viewed in our website under the tab News.Beyond the sports activities Beatrice Sports Club indulges in social activities like Clean and green which was organized by JANA MAITHRI POLICE on 3/08/2010. The 142nd Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi was celebrated with great vigor by our Beatrice Sports Club. As a mark of respect to the father of our Nation, a peaceful cleanness drive was organized at Govt. Hospital, Thalaserry. The response from the Public was over whelming. (for details view Beatrice cares)Promotion of Sports Activities and Involving in Social Activities has become the eyes of our Club. I thank all the patrons for their emotional, Intellectual and financial support that they have extended all these years with a hope for their continuance in the coming years. I welcome new patrons alias sports lovers to envisage the club to pump fresh blood into the heart of young and talented sports personalities who will make our country proud in the Global arena. Your cooperation and best wishes is very much solicited.
Noor Mohammed
Beatrice Sports Club
Thalassery, Kerala
Mob.Chennai: +91 98402 24390
Thalaserry: +91 98472 19306
Email id:

Membership details

Membership charges
INR 250/- Only
Contact Person
Mr. Noor Mohammed
Contact Number +91 98402 24390 (Chennai)
+91 98472 19306(Thalassery)
Email ID

Contact us for membership:


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